Devashish patel Bhavini Patel Pangong LakeWe are Devashish & Bhavini Patel. This website is our travel companion as we begin the journey to our most audacious goal ever.

The Goal is to live while we travel. India is a beautiful country and we wish to live in each corner and corridor of this enthralling heaven. We want to live in this country and experience life as is – sans the facade. Since we are yet to climb the corporate ladder to our pocket’s satisfaction, we shall be doing this on a budget.We say it is a crazy idea. It’s been on our dream list, and we had the guts to ask why not!

The Plan is challenging and daunting for our age and wisdom. But we are ready to learn and grow on the way (literally)! We believe that travelling should be more accessible to all, irrespective of their stature or gender. As we begin our journey to travel across India, we intend to journal our trips to make it easier for any reader to travel across this country on a budget. Join us to experience a slice of life on the road less travelled

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