Dhamapur Lake Travel Guide


Nestled in the hills of Konkan, and surrounded by dense forests lies the Dhamapur lake. A visit here, is a treat for all the senses as one is surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees, butterflies and birds that sing your way to the heart.

The lake is situated on the Malvan – Kudal road, and was constructed around 1530 AD by theĀ  Mandlik named Nagesh Desai of the Vijaynagar Kingdom. It covers an area of 5 acres. I tried going for a morning run around its perimeters, and after a point the lake meanders so deep into the forest that the trails become narrow and one is surrounded by tall grass. Even though I was unable to cover the perimeter, the trails here do evoke a sense of peace and tranquility.

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Bhagwati Temple

On one of the banks of the lake along the main road lies the ancient Bhagwati Temple. Within the temple precincts lies a nature club, a children park and boating facilities in the lake. On our visit in October, the boats were tethered to the shore and the boating was closed for the monsoon. The crystal clear waters of the lake are bustling with fishes especially near the temple due to the easy access to food from the temple devotees. We had a jolly good time watching the temple cats and dogs fish in the lake, as the pundits feed the fishes.

Bhagwati temple Dhamapur Malvan Konkan

Bhagwati temple Dhamapur Malvan Konkan

Where to stay:

The best place to stay at the Dhamapur Lake is MTDC‘s Lishan resort. The resort comprises of Pune style Wadas with huge suites that can accommodate 4-8 people. All rooms have balconies that open towards the lake. With not many visitors to this place, the rooms are not as well maintained as other MTDC resorts. Awakening in the morning to the engaging sound of birds chirping, with the sun rays dancing on the lake water and the pleasant smells and sights around made our stay here memorable.

Lishan resort MTDC Dhamapur lake Malvan konkan

Lishan resort MTDC Dhamapur lake Malvan konkan

Where to eat:

At the Lishan resort, they serve fixed Vegetarian menu breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner meals. A special mention to the cook who is a local lady who cooks typical Malvan food that is delicious. A special mention goes to the Solkadhi which was the best here and we couldn’t get enough of it.

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How to reach:

From Malvan, one can drive to Dhamapur lake by taking the Malvan-Kudal road. It is 19 Kms away from Malvan. Alternatively one can take the state transport bus heading towards Kudal from Malvan and get off at the Bhagwati Temple.


An evening in Dhamapur

If you have any other questions, do let us know in comments and we will be glad to help.

Hope you visit, it’s awesome!


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