Tarkarli – Devbaug Beach – A journey in snapshots

Tarkarli Beach white sand malvan


Tarkarli Beach, located around 6 Kms away from Malvan city, is one of the more publicized beaches of Malvan. That, however, does not take anything away from the beauty of this narrow strip of silver white sand with crystal clear waters where one can see up to 20 ft. below in the sea-bed on a bright sunny day.

Tarkarli beach extends south towards Devbaug where Karli river meets the Arabian sea. On the northern end of the beach, one can see the Sindhudurg Sea fort. The long stretch of the beach has many stretches where one can simply sit and take in the beauty of the ocean without another soul in sight.

Entry points towards the beach are few and far apart as the beach is hidden behind Saru trees. But one can ask the locals who can point to many narrow culverts that lead towards the beach. Along theĀ fringes, the sand is full of pink flowers greeting you to the beach.

Pink flowers, Devbaug

Bed of pink flowers

Instantly as we stepped on the beach, we were greeted by the vast expanse of silvery white sand. A smile spread across my face as I tried to soak in the beauty that surrounded us.

Tarkarl beach Malvan

Long stretches of silvery white sand, Tarkarli beach

In the evening, we came across fishermen pulling the fishing net out of the sea. This comprised of a team of 15-20 people all pulling out the fishing net with all their might. In the evening, we took off after dark, but the men were hard at work working straight into the night.

Fishermen at work, Tarkarli beach

Fishermen at work, Tarkarli beach

With the evening coming to an end, the sun was on the verge of setting in the Arabian Sea. But the clouds came along, creating a barrier, and didn’t give us an opportunity to watch it set in the sea.

Tarkarli beach sunset

Sunset at Tarkarli beach

Early next morning, we were staying just beside the sea in Gajanan Nivas. I couldn’t resist the temptation of going for a run in the white sands. Hence at 7 in the morning both of us took off again for the beach hoping to be mersmerized by its bewitching beauty.

We were not dissapointed. The beach was beautiful, and we lucked upon some sea-life right on the shores. First we came upon the sea-shells where the insect inside was coming out.

Sea shells Tarkarli

Sea Shells with the insect trying to come outside

Sea Shells, Tarkarli

Sea Shells with the insect trying to come outside

A little further ahead, Bhavini spotted a snake. It seemed old and injured and was barely able to move through the sand.

Snake crawling in the sand, Tarkarli Beach

Snake crawling in the sand, Tarkarli Beach

We also spotted a huge fish that got washed ashore. The dead fish seemed to have died an unnatural death as not even the dogs or crows were coming near the fish. Later in the day we spotted another dead fish on the shores of Devbaug. The below photo is from that fish.

Devbaug Beach, Malvan

Dead fish washed up at the shore, Devbaug Beach.

Finally, we decided to stop, sit and just take in the beautiful sea directly in front of us.


With a morning well spent on Tarkarli beach, we headed onwards to Devbaug to view the famed Sangam – the confluence point of Karli river and theĀ Arabian Sea.

The drive to Devbaug thorugh the winding roads is beautiful. The streets though are narrow, and if there is a bus coming from the opposite end then you may have trouble but otherwise the scenic palm trees and the Konkani houses and a delight to drive through.

On reaching the Devbaug beach, we were greeted with the below notice asking the tourists to not make Devbaug into Goa by drinking and frolicking on the beach.

Notice devbaug

Important Notice, Debaug

Past the notice, the Devbaug confluence opens up in a V-Shaped form, with the Karli river on one side and the Arabian sea on the other end.

Boats lined up along the Devbaug Beach

Boats lined up along the Devbaug Beach at the side of the Karli River

Tarkarli extends into Devbaug

Arabian Sea at the other side of the Devbaug beach

The point where the Karli river meets the Arabian sea is the Sangam. The below photo doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the place, but the different colors indicate the two different waters meeting together.

Karli River Devbaug

Karli River meets Arabian Sea – Sangam, Devbaug

The beaches in Devbaug with its white sand and clear blue waters are a must visit and we enjoyed our brief sojourn here even though by the time we left Devbaug it was 1 in the afternoon with the sun shining brightly on us.


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