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I love the vast expansive shots in James Bond movies, where the action is set on coastal roads in foreign locales. Never did I imagine that India too has a similar coastal road. The roads in Konkan, may not be as smooth as the ones shown in Hollywood, but the views here are indeed as spectacular as ones you see abroad.

The coastal road in Konkan falls on the Maharashtra SH-4. We only covered the road between Diveagar and Velas Beach. The road, however, extends all the way from Alibaug to Goa. On the way, the road cuts through Ghats and rivers that flow from the Sahayadris into the Arabian Sea. There are ferries that are used for river crossings. Almost all vehicles including huge buses can be driven onto the ferry at one end, and driven off when you reach the other end of the coast. For me, this was a unique novelty, even though for the locals here it is just a way of life.

If you are planning to travel along the coastal road from Diveagar, then head towards the Diveagar Beach Road. The road is surrounded by coconut orchards and at the end of the village, we came upon a beautiful old bridge.

Diveagar Village

Coconut Orchards along Diveagar village

From the bridge, one sees the Diveagar village on one side and the fishing community getting ready to sale ashore in their trawlers on the other

Diveagar village

An outsider’s view of Diveagar Village from the bridge

Diveagr village fishermen

Fishing community of Diveagar village

On crossing the bridge, one moves up a ghat to cross the hills and get on the other side. The roads are not quite good, and the steep inclines and curves make going over 40Kmph an impossible task.

Diveagar Beach road

Diveagar Beach road

Once on top of the hill, enjoy the expansive views of the Arabian sea, peppered with fishing trawlers from the nearby Bhadrakhol village. We could hear peacocks in the nearby forests, but the thick cover of greenery didn’t allow us to spot any.

Diveagar beach road badrakhol

Diveagar beach road going towards Bhadrakhol

Road to Bhadrakhol - Diveagar

Trying to capture the vastness of Arabian sea through a 13px camera lens

SWIFT Diveagar beach road

Our humble SWIFT enjoying the views of Arabian sea

Once we passed the Bhadrakhol Fishing village, the coastal road is right along the beach. When we were driving by there was high-tide, so the sea water was quite near to the edge of the road.

Coastal road to Shrivardhan

On the road to Shrivardhan

Road to Shrivardhan

Fishermen at work in the sea, on the road to Shrivardhan

We visited the Aarvi beach next. It has a long stretch of near secluded beach that is frequented mainly by the fisherfolk.

Aarvi beach

Aarvi Beach

Fishermen aarvi beach

Fishermen at work in Aarvi beach

Fisheren Aarvi Beach

Fishes unloaded at Aarvi beach

After Aaravi beach, we halted at Harihareshwar MTDC Resort.

The next day, we decided to explore all the way upto Velas beach along the coastal road. We reached the Bagmandala village, once we crossed the hills of Harihareshwar. Bagmandala is a tiny village, It holds an important place in Maratha history. The Peshwa (Prime-minister) of the Maratha empire lived here for many years. There is also a Peshwa Smarak in the village.

However, the prime attraction of the Bagmanadal is the jungle jetty that is is used to carry people and vehicular traffic on the other end of the mighty Savitri river.

mangroves bagmandala village

Dense Mangroves on the road to Bagmandala village

Jungle Jetty Bagmandala village

Jungle Jetty at Bagmandala Village

Bagmandala Jungle jetty

Our SWIFT in the ferry at Bagmandala

The ferry ride of ~20 minutes takes you on the other side to the Vesavi village. From Vesavi, one can continue driving on the coastal road to reach Bankot and Velas Beach.

Vesavi Village - Konkan Coastal road

Vesavi Village

Bankot to Velas beach Konkan Coastal road

Konkan Coastal road from Bankot to Velas beach along the shore of Savitri river

Do check out this space for more, as we post detailed photos and updates on Bankot fort, Velas beach, and Harihareshwar beaches. If you plan a travel on this road then don’t hesitate to message/comment below for any tips or directions.


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