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Ukadice modak Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival celebrated almost everywhere in Western India is also a time to indulge your sweet tooth. To welcome Lord Ganesh we prepare laddoos, modaks, puran polis, kheer and other delicacies. The most famous of them all is Ukadiche Modak – A sweet rice flour dumpling filled with saran which is a coconut and jaggery filling and served hot with a generous serving of Ghee. A perfectly made modak demands a mix of skill and experience from its cook, and truth be told I haven’t eaten an Ukadiche Modak until now.

So we listed down the below joints to narrow our search for the best Ukadiche Modak in Pune:

Yeta Jata:

A tiny vegetarian food joint situated in the heart of the city at Narayan Peth – Laxmi road, this place has the distinction of making some of the best Ukadiche Modak in town. On Zomato, this place has a rating of below 3, and is rated by only 19 people. Nonetheless, all the buzz that we have heard about this place definitely makes it a must-visit place for us.

Gaurav Snacks:

Situated in the same building as Chitale Bandhu in Sadashiv Peth, Gaurav snacks specializes in a variety of Maharashtrian and Gujarati snacks. Their steamed modaks are truly big in size and are supposed to be lip-smacking delicious.

Kaka Halwai:

All the 18 outlets of Kaka Halwai retail Ukadiche Modak, however, one needs to purchase them at the store itself. They are not taking bulk orders this season, but that suits us just fine. In addition, to the traditional modaks, they also have pre-packaged mithai modaks made of mava, mango, and chocolate. We are not quite fond of Kaka Halwai, but then if all else fails then this is a decent backup option to have my first taste of Ukadiche modak.

Chitale Bandhu –  Kondhwa Branch:

Chitale Bandhu retails only flavored modaks. However, at their branch in Kondhwa one can get the traditional modaks assuming you place the order in advance. They are outsourcing the preparation of handmade Ukadiche modak, and hence the need for an advanced order. We will most likely skip this, but given Chitale Bandhu’s brand name it would definitely be worth a try.

Girija Kirpekar Naik’s Kitchen Confidence:

Girija Naik runs a cooking studio in Aundh where one gets hands-on training on cooking recipes from starters to desserts. On weekends one can enjoy a lazy lunch at her studio which is mainly cooked by you under her watchful eyes. It is an interesting concept, that we would love to visit someday. During Ganesh Chaturthi, Girija retails CKP Style modaks at Kitchen confidence. She accepts orders only by phone (Call +91-9168070077) and one can pick up the deliveries from various pick-up points at Koregaon Park, Aundh, and Kothrud. I have already placed the order, and we are waiting to enjoy her mouth watering CKP Style modaks at home. 🙂

Ukadiche Modak Pune

Ukadiche Modak

Have we missed out on your favorite recommendations ? If yes, then do let us know about them in comments and we would love to try them.


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